Helen Ward is a great business woman, all round lovely person and someone with a fantastic message and ethos for her newly launched online shop. We were lucky enough to be part of this.  

Helen showcases London designers and makers - 'promoting not only the designers who make them, but also the methods by which they are made.' She believes in highlighting the story that is created behind the things that you buy, Helen wants you to get to know the maker and learn more about what goes in to making the product. At Dot Laser, we love the way Helen is teaching people to love and treasure their purchases.

A month or so ago, Helen and film maker Tim Marrinan came to our studio to film a very short piece about us as we were very fortunate to laser cut some fantastic designs from Pen and Gravy to sell on the LOIS website.  You can view videos on both Dot Laser, Pen and gravy and other great designers and makers - such as the the wonderful Jonna Saarinen - who were part of these collaborations by clicking here

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