Create your design / masterpiece!


Here are some information how to set up your files.

To smoothen the process, it would be great if you could provide as much information as possible and follow instructions below:

For vector engraving or cutting please make sure that this is either an *ai, *pdf, *cdr, *dxf, *dwg.

You can set out your vector drawing as follows:

  • Cutting vector lines: Red (RGB: 255, 0, 0) 
  • Engraving vector lines: Blue (RGB: 0, 0, 255)
  • Raster engraving or fills: Black (RGB: 0, 0, 0)
  • Any bounding areas to be marked in green (vector lines RGB:0,255,0)
  • All vector lines to be 0.1 mm thick.
  • Making sure of no double lines. (this will be more expensive to you as the laser will read the lines twice taking twice as long)!
  • For raster engraving and images, you can supply us with a high quality JPEG, TIFF or other bitmap file types.
  • The file is set up in millimetres (mm).
  • The file fits on the machine bed: 1000mm x 605mm.

You can then UPLOAD your file on the GET A QUOTE page via the contact form with any extra information we need to know.

Use the contact form to send your job info/files to us. We'll get back to you with a quote or response the next business day.

We can help you will creating a vector file if you don't have one. Please check out the 'drawing services' section for more info.

So we can give you an accurate quote, please specify: 

  •  Your file

  •  Material and thickness

  • Quantity of file needed

  • Whether you require delivery or collection

Once you've given us to go ahead in writing (email), we'll prep your files and configure the machine. Payment may be collected at this stage and you can send us your material to be engraved or cut - unless your order require our stock material to be used.

Take a look at our materials page for more info about what materials we often have in the studio to make things a little easier for you.


Set lasers to "awesome"! This is our favorite bit where we fire up the machine
and start to see your project take shape.

Job Compete! 

Finally we pack and dispatch the items to you if you have opted for delivery, unless you request a collection in person. 

We normally turn around jobs in 2-6 working days allowing for 3 working days for delivery (although we can use an express courier service for same day delivery in London). Do always let us know your deadline as it may well be possible to turn around a job in 24 hours!