Cutting and engraving leather and textiles can look really stunning and produce some lovely effects. Whether you are looking for a bespoke one-off piece for fashion or furniture or a batch product, we can help you achieve something really beautiful.

Laser cutting and engraving leather and textiles is often used for applications such as textile sampling, fashion design, furniture design and much more.

Get in touch to see whether laser cutting will be suitable for your project.

We don't keep stock of fabrics or leather so you would need to supply us with your own stock. We unfortunately cannot cut PVC.

Laser cutting can produce some burn effects as it cuts with heat, however, if you require a clean cut, we can back materials with adhesive backing to protect from any markings. Cutting without backing paper is standard, so please ask if you require this service. 


Below shows an image of how different types of leather engrave, do bare this in mind when choosing leather or get a test done with us first before the final engraving goes ahead.