Laser cutting and engraving on acrylic is often used for applications such as jewellery, signage, shop stands and displays and much more.

Engraving on acrylic normally turns a nice white colour and can produce some really lovely effects. The colour of acrylic can really determine how bold or subtle the look of engraving can be. The machine can engrave pretty deep too, so ask us if you have a design that requires a deeper engrave.

We have a stock of 3mm and 5mm acrylic in stock, we can get different colours and thicknesses if you are after something in specific.

Or machine can cut up to 20mm acrylic! The most popular thickness is 3mm.

Engraving laminates

We can supply laser engraving laminates for specific projects. when engraved, these laminates reveal different colours and finishes when engraved to produce some really lovely contrasts. These are mostly used for signs and plaques. We can even order a metal-look laminate if you after a metal look, but be aware that we cannot cut metals on our machine.


Mylar is used widely for stencil making. It is the perfect material for making stencils as it is both flexible and resistant, meaning it can be wiped clean and re-used. Take a look at our blog post on stencilling to learn how best to set up your files for laser cutting stencils.

In our stock we have most common used materials
like acrylic (PERSPEX), HIPS, ABS, PETG and laserable laminates.