Generally anodised metals are best for engraving as they produce sharper, more high definition results. 
When the laser comes into contact with the anodised coated layer, the laser melts this away to reveal the metal underneath.

At Dot Laser we also offer compound engraving, this is where we spray on a thin layer of reactive chemicals which is permanently fixed to the surface once the laser comes into contact with the metal. The compound leaves behind a black mark which is more visible. 

We always recommend testing your material first to know what kinds of results you are going to get as every material can react differently.

Engraving metals can be incredibly effective for signage, personalisation of products and artwork.

Even though we cannot cut through metals, we can get in stock metal-look laminates in different thickness's and finishes that look very convincing and are flexible and so can be used for more purposes that metal itself. See the image below for an example of how the brushed stainless steel laminate looks.

Elevator control panel - ROWMARK

Elevator control panel - ROWMARK