Glass etching

If you after a beautiful frosted effect on glass then laser etching is for you. You can etch custom designs, text, house numbers and logos onto flat sheets of glass and we can also etch onto some cylindrical shapes too, just get in touch for more information.

This application can be great for etching house numbers onto a pane of glass (maximum size 1000x600mm) branding glassware for your business or restaurant or simply a promotional item. 

Stone engraving

Stone engraving can produce some fantastic results, whether its a piece of slate, marble, limestone or another natural stone material. Do always bare in mind that all stone engraves differently under a laser. While most light stone will produce a very subtle effect from laser engraving, slate and some other dark stones on the other hand, will produce a beautiful highly contrasted white engrave effect. 

Popular uses of stone engraving include artwork, coasters and signage.