Create your design or let us do this for you - we have graphics design background so we fully understand your needs. Depends on complicity of the project drawing/design service starts from £20+VAT.
Please check out the 'drawing services' page for more info.

We need a vector or bitmap files to complete your job. With a simple projects you can send us your sketch/drawing - based on that we will be able to give you rough cost for laser cutting or engraving service.

At Dot Laser pricing is based on the machine run time. Laser time is charged at £1.00+VAT per minute of laser cutting or engraving service. The final price determine by complexity of your project, material type and thickness and quantity. For bulk orders - discount available.

We charge a £15+VAT set-up fee and it is applying to the one whole order.

Our minimum order is £30+VAT (set-up fee included).

For students we have 20% discount.

How to set up your files for laser cutting / engraving

To make the process easy, it would be great if you could provide as much information as possible and follow our instructions.

For vector engraving or cutting please make sure that this is either an *ai, *pdf, *cdr, *dxf, *dwg however our preferable format is PDF.

You can then UPLOAD your file on the GET A QUOTE page via the contact form with any extra information we need to know.

You can set out your vector drawing as follows

Remember: our machine working area is 1000x610mm however some materials that we work with come with smaller sheets. Please see our laser cutting material page for mere details.
When you set up art board size in your file - set the dimension for material that you are up to. This will show you also how many sheets you would need to get done your project.
For example: if your project require use 3mm plywood, set your art board size to 900x600mm.

  • The file is set up in millimetres (mm).
  • Cutting vector lines: Red (RGB: 255, 0, 0) 
  • Engraving vector lines: Blue (RGB: 0, 0, 255)
  • Raster engraving or fills: Black (RGB: 0, 0, 0)
  • Art board size to be marked in green (vector lines RGB:0,255,0)
  • All vector lines to be 0.1 mm thick.
  • Making sure of no double lines on top of each other.

If you require laser engraving, you can supply us with a high quality image in JPEG, TIFF or other bitmap file format. We strongly recommend minimum resolution of 300dpi - higher quality images gives always the best result.
If you are unsure if you image would be good for laser engraving please send to us and we will advice.


What you need to know to send me a quotation?

To give you an accurate quote, please specify: 

Your file

Material and thickness

Quantity of file needed

Whether you require delivery or collection

Use the contact form to send your job info/files to us.
We will get back to you with a quote or response the same day or next business day.

Once you've given us to go ahead in writing (email), we will prep your files and configure the machine. Payment may be collected at this stage and you can send us your material to be engraved or cut - unless your order require our stock material to be used.

If you would like to supply your own material such as card or paper sheets - it must be flat. Bent, rolled or warped materials are not usable.

How shall I pay for my order?

After order confirmation (via email) we send you an invoice with the link to the payment site where you will be able to pay by card.
We accept all VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards.
Payment via BACS or chequek are also available. 

Turnaround and delivery

We normally turn around jobs in 2-3 working days depends on complexity and size of the project and materials availability.

If you have opted for delivery, we use next day courier service.
Delivery costs depend on size and weight of the parcel:

parcel A4 size, max 1kg: £7+VAT

parcel A3 size, max 5kg: £8+VAT

parcel A1 size and bigger, max 20kg: £10+VAT

We can also ship worldwide - next day delivery from £15+VAT.

Collection in person is also available.

What if I need the same day service?

Do always let us know your deadline as it may well be possible to turn around a job in just a few hours!*

* depends on current schedule