UV Printing

At Dot Laser now we specialise also in professional UV digital printing: CMYK+WHITE and clear gloss.

UV printing is one of the most up-to-date digital printing technology in which UV inks are impregnated.

The undoubted advantages of UV printing are:

  • Print on colour, metallic or wood-based materials, composite, matt or glossy. We also print on transparent materials such as Perspex, glass or foil, etc.
    UV printing is used on flat items or irregular shapes such as gadgets, packaging, phone cases, diaries and many more.
  • Unique aesthetics - photographic quality and full palette of colours stun visually and even meet the highest requirements,
  • Reasonable price - UV varnish does not require a significant increase in printing costs, and innovative printers work with very good performance.
  • UV printing technology makes the prints instantly dry and ready to use for further processing.


packaging printing - white ink - dot laser - printing service
UV printing on cosmetic packaging with white ink

Personalised printing

Our machine allow digital printing on UV-based technology with white ink and UV lacquer at the same time, and the maximum material thickness that can be printed is 100mm and size 770x330mm in max resolution 1440dpi.

Best durability - UV varnishing makes the print top layer resistant to humidity, high and low temperatures, or sunlight - maintaining the highest image quality for years to come.

We produce serial prints as well as single UV prints!

Direct printing on wood store displays
wooden invitation - laser cut - wedding - dot laser