Laser cutting and engraving technology provides high levels of detail and intricacy. Find out more about what you can do using our laser!


Laser cutting service
Laser engraving service
UV printing

Laser cutting and materials

In our studio we use 120W laser cutting Trotec machine with bed size 1000x610mm and we can cut materials from thin paper or textiles up to 15mm wood and 20mm acrylic sheets. All this with a tolerance of 0.1mm which gives endless possibilities. Weather you would like to laser cut some simple shapes or super complicate architecture model we will make it with superior quality.

Laser cutting is very versatile to work with many different materials. If you have a specific one on your mind and would like to know if we would be able to cut it for you - please get in touch with us.


Laser engraving

Are you looking for a permanent, clean and crispy laser engraving?
We offer laser engraving on many materials such as solid wood, wooden gifts, acrylic (Perspex), leather, cork, stone, corian and much more. Thanks to the use of modern technology all the items get a special and individual look.
We can accommodate objects of max height 305mm.


Design service and drawing

To laser cut and/or engrave, we need vector drawings that can be created in vector-based software's. It's no problem if you aren't familiar with this kind of software, just get in contact via our contact form so we can help you.


UV printing

UV printing is one of the most modern technologies - You can print almost on any material that is flat and rigid. Our machine perfectly reproduce the specified colours and our individual calibration settings guarantee optimum results. We specializing in small format printing and branding for artists, designers and other creative industry.
Our flat bed printer work area is 770x330x100mm.