Making Stamps!

We've been having lots of fun with making stamps in our studio today. We have made some personalised stamps for valentines day and we thought we'd have a go at designing a few of our own.

Here's an photo of some stamps we made for our Dot Laser shop.

Here are some pointers for designing your image for stamp making:

  • It always helps if your image is the actual stamp size required and saved as a .jpg or vector file. 
  • Black and white designs are easiest to work from (no grey).
  • Please make sure your stamp is no smaller than 10x10mm (this does depend a little on how intricate your design is).
  • Please make sure the resolution of your image is good, no blurry images!- at least 300 Dpi

Always ask us if you are unsure on anything as we may be able to help you to make your image more suitable for stamping, we offer artwork services too if you'd like us to design a stamp from scratch.

Happy Stamping!

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