Dreaded double lines!

Here is a little post about dreaded double lines in vector drawings, we're all guilty of them!

Often when clients submit vector drawings to us, no matter how beautiful they are and well drawn, often we find that the file contains a load of double lines.  We always try to delete double lines on a client's behalf, but sometimes some slip through the net! Because we calculate our costs based on vector line length when pieces are to be cut, this often means if we don't pick up on your double lines, you could be charged almost double the amount and the job will take our machine twice as long!

Double lines are not always easy to spot. I have doubled up the lines on the vectors in the top left Bourbon biscuit on the image below, unless you have super-sight, you wouldn't necessarily see these. Sometimes it is easier if you change your cutting lines to a colour (we use a red cutting line at Dot Laser for example). Once your eye becomes more used to spotting double lines, they will become easier and quicker to spot.

double lines1.jpg

Even by zooming in on your vectors, you wouldn't see a double line if they are exactly on top of one another. The image below shows that this 'N' of the Bourbon biscuit looks like it only has one vector line, however it is in fact a double line.

double lines2.jpg

In Adobe Illustrator, you can use the Direct Selection tool (white arrow) to click on each vector line individually, this allows you to press the delete key and still be left with your line underneath. You should notice that you have a line left behind that is slightly fainter in colour than the previous. 

I may take a while to delete all your double lines but unfortunately there's no quick-fix. You will be grateful in the end that this will save you time, money and produce a cleaner finish to your project.

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